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Joint Boxes -
Type MCB 72.5, 123, 145, 170, 245 kV

Fully pre-fabricated and pre-tested design made of high-quality silicone rubber with integrated stress control elements to be installed in safe and easy slip-on technique. Supply comprises all components needed to build-up a ready-for-service joint box.

The joint boxes are available for all bonding methods, i.e. as:

  • Straight-Through;
  • Cross-Bonding;
  • Solid-Bonding Type.

The outer protection of the joint boxes can be adapted to the particular requirements as per prevailing site conditions for which following options are available:

  • Copper case;
  • Plastic coffin box;
  • Combination of copper case and plastic coffin box.

Joints can be supplied for the connection of the cables with different conductor materials and cross-sections, different insulation thicknesses and designs of outer layers.